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September 8, 2009
Press/Speaking Engagements
September, 2008

After treading across NC State's "Brickyard" plaza and down MIT's infinite corridor, Drew cut his entrepreneurial teeth within game-changing companies such as SAS and Silicon Graphics. Hooked on disruptive innovation, Drew co-founded Pie Digital in 2005 to make home networking easy as Pie! In 2011, Drew was wooed by a team of Hungarian and Swedish entrepreneurs to Prezi, where he joined on as Prezi as Head of Marketing, returning to his SGI-spawned passion to change the world through visualization.

Drew also writes. He's published a couple of business books (Beyond Spin, Customer.Community) on communications and social media, as well as a couple of novels (Able Was I, Ere I Saw Elba) on ... life.

See Drew's prezumé for a more visual overview of Drew's bio.

Social Media
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- Blog (WordPress): plysandplus
- Twitter: drewbanks

- MIT thesis : Deriving competitive advantage through a sophisticated information
technology infrastructure : a look at Federal Express and UPS
- Beyond Spin (Select Reviews: Communication World , Amazon)
- Customer.Community (Select Reviews Telecomworldwire, Amazon)

- Able Was I (Select Reviews Edge Boston, LETTERS from CAMP Rehoboth, After Elton)
- Ere I Saw Elba
- I before ì (coming...not so soon)

- Digging for Oysters

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