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NPR Affiliate, WUNC | Interview: “The State of Things” with host, Frank Stasio (08/2006) Able Was I Listen Now
June Community Heroes. Interview

Boston: Kilian Melloy, EdgBoston (01/2006)
“Imagine the softest, mildest snowfall: shimmering flakes drifting from the sky and changing the world around you. That's more or less the experience of reading Able Was I.”

Scotland: Dirk Kriete, ScotsGay (02/2006)
“This book is definitely more than captivating; it is totally engrossing, the characters are almost frighteningly real, in that you might find yourself saying: ‘Here but for the grace go I!'”

Philadelphia: Rebecca James, LETTERS From CAMP Rehoboth (02/2006)  
“[Banks] takes apart the physical and emotional aspect of a scene to give the reader a collage of images and words that seem to be reflected in splinters of a shattered mirror.”

Southern California: Randy Hope, editor of Dot Newsmagazine (05/2006)
“The intelligent style and wit make Able Was I more than a symbolic turn of phrase; it is a brilliant read.”

Los Angeles: IN Los Angeles, Christopher Cappiello (06/2006)
“Banks … eschews the droll humor that has become de rigueur in so many gay novels, and writes with a refreshing seriousness of purpose and eye for detail.”

North Carolina: NPR affiliate WUNC, “The State of Things,” Frank Stasio (08/2006)
“…you have written a lyrical, almost poetic novel… It reminds me of Zora Neale Hurston in a lot of ways in Their Eyes Were Watching God.”

Dallas: DallasVoice, J.S. Hall (09/2006):
“Banks' eye for detail is keen as well, nicely capturing the essences of various Manhattan neighborhoods, the pastoral beauty of Elba and the enchanting aspects of Rome. At times, these places fairly leap off the page into the reader's imagination.”, interview
“Is Able Was I a gay novel?” I'm not sure. I will say the book has resonated with male and female readers alike. Women readers are particularly drawn to the emotional depth of the book. Gay male readers are drawn to among other things, pages 40-43.
“Is it true the cover photo is you?” It wasn't supposed to be, but yes it is. 


Launch of Pie Digital at DEMO Fall’05
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MeansBusiness, review of Beyond Spin (as of July 13, 2007), 5-star from 20 readers' reviews: 5 star: 17, 4-star: 2, 3-star-0, 2-star: 1, 1-star: 0

•  “This is a MUST read for anyone that has ever felt the hollowness of attaining dreamy goals - and has wondered about the richness of enjoying less idealistic passions.” –D. Fraze, SF, CA

•  “Like Forster and Austen, Drew feeds us what we are always hungry for: a life that learns how to live.” – David Gershan, SF, CA

•  “I was simply captivated by this story and couldn't stop reading. What else can you ask for? Perhaps only that Banks' main protagonist takes you with him on his next trip to Italy ... WOW!” –Andres Wydler, SF, CA

•  “Banks is so visual in his writing that sometimes there is a poetic to the descriptions that have a quality of lifting you into the scene that Grey, the protagonist, is seeing.” – Ana Kritis, Seattle, Washington WA

•  “I read into the wee hours of the morning today because I could not put down this book. Mr. Banks's writing is so engrossing.” –Stephen D. Harrington, Boston, MA

•  “I'm 79-years-old. If I tried to count the number of books I've read, I'd need another 79 to just count. But if I could count which ones made me think and reached me in a new way, this would be one.” –Isabel Von Driska, Chicago, IL

•  “Able was I is as delicious and exquisite as a box of French chocolates. From the first bite to the last, it will not disappoint.” –Diane, Paris, France

•  “…the characters are developed deeply and there is no one that cannot identify with a specific personality or situation.” –P. Sekhri, SF, CA

•  “The book is about finding yourself, or losing yourself, whichever you need more. A fantastic read. I can't wait for Banks' next novel!” –W. Fishell, Decatur, GA

•  “The writing is masterful at creating the experience inside you as you read it.” – Betsy Burroughs, SF, CA

•  “I loved the ride with Grey, partly because I identified so much with the confusion and yearning of his quest for a life that is raw, true, and in the present.” –Ken Smith, SF, CA

•  “I loved this book!! I thought the inclusion of the cast member of 'Hedwig and the Angry Inch' was brilliant.” –Laura Strickland, Decatur, GA

•  “Through Able Was I, the reader gets a first-hand glimpse of the author 's fascination with psychology and the motivations that underpin people's behavior and world views.”–Greg Matsunami, Portland, Oregon

•  “The imagery of New York was superb. I could honestly smell the City.” –S Goldin, Sebastapool, CA

•  “I was totally taken with this novel - unable to put it down until I finished - and after I finished - a little lonely without the book to pick up and read.” –Glare Gieson, Washington, DC

•  “The movement from dream to reality and back helped to define the main character who seemed never to know whether he was actually living or just dreaming.” –R. Lambert, Asheville, NC

•  “You almost become Grey. When he walks around Elba or New York, you walk with him.”  –P. Badura, NY, NY


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